Who wouldn’t support a woman who still wears the Scarlet Letter and is hated by an unforgiving public that has been fed poison and lies by the media for 30 years?

~ Dr. Eleanor Pam



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Explore the film by Jeremiah Zagar about Pamela Smart's unfair trial by media





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Important announcement!

Coming up in New Hampshire is a House Bill (138-FN),that will allow prisoners who are serving a life sentence to be eligible for parole after 25 years!! Pame has LWOP and currently cannot go in front of a parole board.

I would like if you could please email the members of The Criminal Justice and Safety Committee a 2 or 3 sentence statement as to why this Bill is generally important for prisoners who have rehabilitated themselves, etc. Please keep Pame’s name out, for there is a lot of prejudice against her still in NH.  If you are from New Hampshire, consider writing a letter or postcard with postmark of NH. Emails and addresses can be found below by clicking on the link! #FREEPAMSMART


The Bill is being proposed by Max Abramson who is a member of NH House of representatives and, it will be open to public discussion this coming Wednesday March 3rd at 9.45am.


MONDAY MARCH 1st 2021 7pm EST


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We have secured Max Abramson for an interview 

This bill is so important to so many prisoners who, like Pame, deserve a chance of parole. It would allow all people sentenced to life in prison in the state of New Hampshire to have a parole hearing after 15 or 25 years depending on the crime. This podcast will not be about Pame it will be about the Bill itself. So many people in the state of New Hampshire are very negative about Pame, however if this does pass, it will hopefully allow Pame a chance to have a parole hearing.

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