1. There were letters written from Flynn and Lattime to another prisoner housed with them

during the trial. They were discovered after the boys left the witness stand. Pam petitioned to

have them seen by the jurors and the motion was denied by Judge Gray. These were letters

that were involved with the case. 


2. Pamela was denied a hearing which was in violation of Article 18 of the criminal code of New Hampshire.

The Constitution of New Hampshire states punishment is designed to rehabilitate not terminate mankind.

Her achievements show she has been a product of rehabilitation. These show who Pamela is and not what the

media has portrayed her to be. This was sent to the Governor of New Hampshire and five Executive Councilors. 

3. When Flynn had written a letter to Lattime in regards to the jury being picked for the trial he used several choice words to describe them. He stated that the court was afraid he would get on the stand and say she was innocent. 


4. Judge Gray was a questionable man of integrity and professionalism. He was arrogant, inconsistent and created controversy. He also would try to get plea bargains with abruptness and intimidation. He had a problem with being impartial and his decision making and behavior during this trial was highly unethical. He also stated he wanted Clint Eastwood to portray him in a movie should one ever be made concerning the case. 


5. Raymond Fowler told the Boston Herald in 2014 that Pamela did not make him or ever even asked him do anything. He acted on his own accord and takes full responsibility for his actions. 


6. In a phone conversation in 1992, Raymond Fowler's mother told Linda Wojas that Raymond pled guilty because he did not believe a jury would believe him otherwise.  The night of Gregg's murder, Raymond was under the impression that what was to take place was a burglary and nothing else. He has a history of theft and robbery. The Fowler family stands behind Pamela completely. 


7. There is a juvenile record on Pete Randall that was sealed and never conveyed at the trial. It sheds the light on his violent past even before the murder took place. 


8. The night of the murder, after the boys came back to the car, Flynn spoke of the "thrill" of killing another person. They celebrated the murder by getting high on cocaine. It was also mentioned that the prosecutors would try to get people to say they knew Raymond had knowledge of the murder beforehand even though he did not. It also was mentioned that Cecilia knew about the murder beforehand. Also on the way to and from the condo that night Pamela's name did not come up at any time. These boys acted on their own accord. Fowler had been introduced once to Pamela but they never crossed paths again. 


9. After a day in court when Flynn returned to his cell at the local jail, he asked the other inmates if he "did a good job crying while on the stand." 

10. Diane Dimond, Journalist for Investigative Discovery Channel, did a segment entitled Pamela Smart: An American Murder Mystery.

This 2018 Interview, reveals in the final 15 minutes by Prosecutor Maggiatto himself that a secretary from his office transcribed the tapes between Pamela and Cecilia that were used in court.  After the tapes so inaudible that even Bill Smart, stated could not be understood. These should have been authenticated and transcribed by professionals not a secretary for the prosecution.  How could she differentiate two young women's voices that sounded very much alike.  Pamela, struggling with Gregg's murder, was heavily medicated on Prozac and sounded manic.  The transcripts were erroneous and should never have been allowed to be used.

11. The famous "bikini" picture that the media sensationally shared was not taken for Billy, as erroneously reported.  It was actually taken by a close friend Tracy who was goofing with a photoshoot/modeling contest. The media misled the public with their narrative and created much of the hatred towards Pamela. 

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Facts Surrounding The Case