Welcome from Pamela's Family

August 1, 2021 will mark thirty-one years our daughter, Pamela Smart, has been imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. She has a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. Her conviction was based on the words of Bill Flynn, the admitted killer of Pamela’s husband, Gregg Smart.
He murdered our son-in-law, but with his perjured and plea-bargained
testimony, he has reclaimed his freedom and his life in June of 2015.
Flynn’s partner in crime, Pete Randall, is also free. He too offered
perjured testimony implicating our daughter, and he too received the
benefits of a shameful and undeserved plea bargain. Both Flynn and
Randall spent their sentences housed in minimum security facilities
close to their families in Maine and both were able to apply for
sentence reductions every two years. Pamela is housed in a maximum
security facility, hours and a lifetime away from us, in Bedford, NY;
her application for a sentence reduction was not only not heard or
considered, but wasn’t even allowed to be placed on the agenda by the
governor and voting members of the committee. Vance Lattime, who
provided the gun they used and drove the getaway car, according to his
own testimony, is free as well. Everyone who physically helped killed
Gregg is free. In the state of New Hampshire, they call this “justice.” We,
her family, also have a life sentence. Every day we work in some capacity to save our daughter’s life. She was not even at the scene of the crime and has consistently denied any role in the murder of her husband. Pamela’s unfair trial and unjust conviction will forever be a blight on the New Hampshire judicial system. Prison is a hell on earth filled with hate, despair, and perpetual loss and indignity. We do not believe anyone should serve a sentence of life without the possibility of parole based on the words of admitted murderers. On March 11, 1993 our daughter was taken from the New Hampshire State Prison for Women and deposited in a New York maximum secured facility, miles away from everyone she knows. We were told that New Hampshire does not have such a facility, but that is not the fact. We believe that the state was threatened by the large amount of public support shown to Pamela by people all over the country and all over the world. She continues to hear from many who voice an interest in helping her cause, believe in her
innocence or are outraged by the disparate sentences and treatment
given to her in contrast to the three individuals who were directly and
actually involved in Gregg’s murder. We will continue, as we have in 
the past, to inform and enlighten the public to this grave injustice.
With your help and through this site, we will work to secure Pamela’s
freedom, which was so harshly and unfairly stripped away on August
1, 1990. On behalf of our daughter, our family thanks you for your
prayers, kind words, and acts of support. We do appreciate these
efforts so much.
Sincerely, Linda and John Wojas
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This is a piece that Pame wrote for her mother, Linda Wojas. They wanted to share this with everyone.