Governor Maggie Hassan

State House

State of New Hampshire

Concord, N.H. 03301

March 3, 2015


Dear Governor Hassan


This letter concerns the appeal currently under way to grant the option of parole for Pamela Smart.


I write to you as a New Hampshire native, a lifelong supporter of women’s rights, and of the rights of every individual to receive not only a fair trial .  More than that, I write to you as one who believes that to view our fellow human beings with compassion not only serves those who receive our kindness, but contributes to the humanity of our society as a whole.



You and I share

a friendship

that has survived

through the years...

Letter from Mr. Lynn Wildman, Outreach Coordinator:


I am in charge of a Volunteer Tutoring Program at BHCF for women who request tutoring help during their free time in addition to their regular class time during the day.  They are tutored by inmate tutors who have completed some college credits (some with 4 year degrees or more). 


Pamela Smart has been one of my teacher aides for approximately ten years.  I have come to know her quite well and have some very positive impression of her.  In the fourteen years that I have coordinated this program she is the best teacher aide I have ever had.  During this period approximately 50 teacher aides have worked for me. 

I am writing this letter on behalf of Pamela Smart with whom I worked daily for nine years.  Pamela was the most outstanding Teacher Aide I have had in the twenty years that I have been employed at this Facility. 

Letter from Inmate Elizabeth Gonzalez : My name is Elizabeth Gonzalez. I’m writing you in regards to Pamela Smart. I’ve known Pamela for eight years and I just want to share how her friendship has left a big impact in my life. Pamela was a teacher aide when I came to pre-GED class. I had a 6 0 reading and math level. I couldn’t read or write proper English nor did I know my time tables in math. Pamela would take her time every day and helped me through it all. When I took the table test Pamela had so much faith in me, and she knew that I would pass, and yes indeed I passed with a 9.5 and went straight to GED screening.  

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and let you know the purpose of this letter. I am Elizabeth Bennett and I help those who are abused by their peers. I am also a fellow believer and my life is dedicated to Jesus Christ. I also help our sweet friend I am about to introduce you to.


My purpose in sending this is that we have a sister who is in trouble and has been for quite some time. Are you familiar with the Pamela Smart case? It was the first case to go live on Court T.V. back in 1991. I invite you to visit her website at as her full story can be found there.