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Media surrounding Pamela's Case

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Pamela Smart An American Murder Mystery which is a documentary by Journalist Diane Dimond for the Investigative Discovery Channel.
A small New England town became the focus of a high profile murder case over 30 years ago. Capitvated, by Jeremiah Zagar,  looks beyond the media and rhetoric that is fed to the public. It takes a look at the facts surrounding the case and getting away from what the media has fed the public over the years. 
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To Live For: A Mothers Cry for Justice: My Daughter Pamela Smarts Prison Journal. By  Linda Wojas. This is a book talking of the struggles the Wojas family have had since Pamela's conviction in 1991. Also, of a journal Pamela has kept throughout her incarceration. She fights daily for Pamela's freedom and will do so as long as she alive. She is never giving up! 

The Pamela Smart Trial: The Lost Tapes were put together by Emmy Award winning Hedda Muskat. As a TV Journalist at the time of the trial, She approached Pamela and promised her that she would do what she could to ensure Pamela had a chance to share her side of things in her case to the public. 
Pamela & friends over the years
Pamela & friend Sonia in high school. 
Pamela & friend Ann in college
Heading 5
Pamela & friend Amy at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility