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From Pame on her feelings on being incarcerated for 31 years as of today: 


Today marks 31 years that I have been in prison. All praises and glory go to God

because it is He who has sustained me throughout the years. I am also grateful for everyone who

has supported me with their love and friendship during my life.

I honestly cannot believe I have been here for more than half of my life, and that I have managed to survive

so much with my heart and mind intact. As I reflect upon the years that have passed, I can honestly say that I

have done my best to become a better version of myself, and to spread kindness, light, and love.
I have learned how to make my own life rich, despite my imprisonment. I decided long ago that I would not be defeated by my circumstances, nor would I let myself become an angry and bitter person. Instead, I would rise above the darkness and create my own light. I would not be crushed by the lies and negativity, but I would let it be a catalyst for change. I hoped against all odds, and took every opportunity to learn and grow. I embarked on a journey to change myself, to make myself better, and to encourage others along the way. Today, I mark my own survival. I reflect on who I was, and I thank God for who I have become. Your life is what you make it. What you focus on reflects your own priorities. Instead of complaining about what you don't have, live each day grateful for what you do have. Spread light in dark places, love in spite of hate, and be kind even when the world is mean. Live with purpose, and give without expectations. Craft hope in hopelessness, and dream with confidence. Above all, ask God to guide you - because He will.





Pamela Smart
9 June 2021
"A Change is Going to Come"

Oh how I pray
each and every day
that a change is going to come
and I am going to be done
with being confined
so I can leave this prison behind.

Oh how I pray
each and every day
that this will be my year
the sweet taste of freedom near
these bars in my rearview mirror
my future looking clearer.

Oh how I pray
each and every day
that God hears my plea
and releases me
so I can run in the rain

and escape all this pain.


More Poetry from Pame: 

Pamela Smart

27 May 2021

"5 Words Related to George Flloyd"
















28 May 2021


I feel you, freedom,

but you dissipate too quickly.


Like a gentle breeze

sliding between my fingertips.


The sweet smell of summer rain

cooling my parched skin.


A gentle touch

caressing my wounded heart.


Steamy fog

on concrete dreams.


You are near

but then far away.

Pamela Smart
25 May 2021


"I Am"

I am a wounded warrior
battered, but not broken.

I am a fierce fighter
heroic and hopeful.

A mythical phoenix rising from the ashes
I struggle and stand.

Pamela Smart
22 May 2021

"What Does it Mean to Have Your Voice Heard"

I want my words to be heard
like a clarion call resounding to all
sounding the ram's horn of the war torn
incarcerated masses.

I want to raise your attention to the things I mention
so you can contemplate and ruminate
who we really are behind these prison bars
and start to see the commonalties in our realities
because we aren't that different from you.

Take heed to my flow, allow your mind to grow,
and encapsulate what I relate
so you'll recognize it's true - the me in you
then embrace me- our shared humanity
leave judgments in tatters
and show me


Pamela Smart
6 May 2021
"I've Been a Witness"

I've been a witness
to a handcuffed woman who was stomped in the snow by an officer in
charge of her care, custody, and control

I've been a witness
to women who took out their frustrations on one another with broom sticks,
irons, mop wringers, and frying pans

I've been a witness
to battered women who involve themselves in relationships with other
women who abuse them all over again

I've been a witness
to an officer punch a woman in the face in the middle of a yard filled with
200 witnesses too scared to react

I've been a witness
to weeping children torn from their mothers
when visiting hours are over

I've been a witness to
broken dreams scattered on prison walkways

Yet, I've also been a witness to
women who learn how to be mothers
for the first time in their lives

I've been a witness
to cotton candy colored sunrises
that rise defiant above barbed-wire fences

I've been a witness
to a woman I helped get her GED go to commissary with $4.32
and buy me a Diet Coke to say thanks.

I've been a witness
to compassionate prisoners
caring for their lonely and dying peers

I've been a witness
to women with absent families
who made families from friends

I've been a witness
to the worst in people
as well as the best.

Pamela Smart
12 May 2021

We reach out for faraway stars
through concrete bars wishing for second chances

We dream of candy colored love
sent from above to soothe our broken spirits

We ache to be seen and heard
hoping our words take root in your hearts

We cry alone and tired
mired in the valleys of our mistakes

We scream into an empty breeze
asking God to please end our pain

We pace in seven by ten foot concrete cages
rewriting the pages of our splintered lives.


Check out a recent podcast where Pam's Spokesperson Dr. Eleanor Pam

is interviewed on the Joe Thomaso Show on Anchor which is with

Pamela Smart/Dr. Eleanor Pam by 15 Minutes With... • A podcast on Anchor


More from Pame..

Pamela Smart
14 May 2021
"Going In"

I am 22 years old
with my whole life ahead of me.

Yet, I am going in to serve a life sentence in prison
with my whole life ahead of me.

Is this really happening?

I am a grown woman
yet I still want my mother.

With my whole life ahead of me
I cry.

Praise Report!

Pam got her results back: 

"Last night I was in my cell listening to a sermon I bought off the kiosk by my favorite Pastor Donnie

McClurkin. The sermon was about pleading the blood of Jesus over situations in our lives. Since

I have been concerned about getting the ultrasound results concerning the mass on my right breast,

I began praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over my breast. I prayed for a long time about this, believing I would be OK.Today, I went to the

GYN at 10 am, and found out that the mass is completely gone! My recent ultrasound report said that the mass previously detected on TWO ultrasounds is no longer present. To God be the glory!"

Thank you for your prayers! They are appreciated! 


Pame needs your prayers!!!


Here is the latest from her. Please say a prayer: 


"Just an update - six months ago, I had an ultrasound that showed a small

mass on my right breast. The doctor said we would re-do the ultrasound in

six months because the mass may have just been a shadow. I re-did the

ultrasound two weeks ago. When things are normal, we get a slip from the lab stating that the "results were within normal limits." I kept hoping I would receive this note, but I did not.
Today, I instead received an appointment slip to see the GYN at 10:00 am this coming Monday. So, obviously, there is a problem and I will likely need a biopsy to see if it is breast cancer."

Thank you for your prayers. I know she appreciates them as well....



Pame enjoys poetry and she wanted to share some with everyone: 

Pamela Smart
24 April 2021
"George Flloyd"

A knee on the neck
brought the world to its feet.

A conversation in all nations about race relations.
People tired of talking just started walking
echoes of a man named Martin
armed with Gandhi's passive resistance
combatting aggression and oppression
with demonstrations calling for legislation.

Tattered signs declared, "Black Lives Matter!"
protesters cried, "Black Pride!"
revolution in their stride.
"No justice, no peace!,"
tired and huddled masses yelled
voices refusing to be quelled
by a history of oppression
or years of frustration.

A knee on the neck brought an army to its feet
woken from the slumber of apathy.
Fists in the air they demamded
accountability, a new reality,
where we face the hate of a race
and begin to embrace the notion
across all oceans
that black lives matter.

A knee on the neck
by a man sworn to serve and protect
led to another black life smothered
a grown man crying for his mother.

A knee on the neck brought a jury to its feet
after ten hours of deliberation
scrutinizing nine minutes and twenty-nine seconds
then reckoning: "guilty, guilty, guilty."

The world, in its grief, released a collective sigh of relief.

I swear I felt George Flloyd breathe in the breeze that blew through my prison window


Pame Update! 4/18/21

Pame is doing well! Still on the Honor Floor! Here is the latest: 

This week was very scary. We had a spike in Covid cases, due to women who have come in from the county

jails and tested positive. At last count, we had 22 new cases. All of the women who tested positive have been

moved to the infirmary, however, we don't know how many other people were affected by contact with

these women. We were supposed to be offered the J&J vaccine this week, but as I am sure you are aware,

that is no longer possible right now. We do not know if we will be offered a different vaccine, or when.

I had to move my office at work, so that was a project. We have 7 offices inside our office area, and I had to switch rooms, due to them wanting my boss in a different office. So, we spent a lot of time doing that. I now have an office that faces the yard, and has two big windows, so I can get some fresh air!


Also, I was able to attend a small church service on Saturday, so I was happy about that. We found out that Union Theological Seminary will be offering a Masters in Theology program here in the future. Even though I thought I was done with school, this is too wonderful of an opportunity to pass up, so I signed up to find out more about it. I am always eager to learn, and definitely want to increase my knowledge of all things Biblical, so I am grateful for the opportunity.


I was able to get outside a few days this week and play racquetball, or just go for a walk. I don't like the cold, so I am happy that the weather is warming up!

RRecent News from NH!

Update on House Bill HB138. The Bill was in the "it should be passed" during the 2021 Session.  Sadly, it  didn't get through the second stage. However, the bill can be reintroduced next year, so there is still a good chance. We are not done yet! We are just beginning! . Thank you to Max Abramson for his efforts with this bill. He is to be commended! #FREEPAMSMART

Breaking News!!!!!omme



We are not giving up!!! We will still fight for Pamela's freedom!!!

Check out the recent article from WMUR!!!!!


New Hampshire has been busy this week! If you have any friends or family in New Hampshire, please ask them to step up and see how they can support Max Abramsons bill!!! 


FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! NH HB 138 passed with 12 yes, 8 no before the House Judiciary Committee. Now it goes before the full NH House of Representatives and if passed, then to the NH Senate, then to the Governor. It is crucial now that NH residents reach out to their respective House reps to pass this bill. Below is a link to towns, and representatives within those towns, for residents to contact. Now is the time to rally support for this bill. Whether you live in NH or have friends or family who would support this bill. Now is the time to take action!! #FREEPAMSMART

Important announcement!


Tomorrow March 3, 2021 at 9.45am will be the public hearing for the proposed bill HB138 which would allow those serving LWOP sentences in New Hampshire, to have a parole hearing. You can sign up to speak until tonight at

A different--though similar bill could be reintroduced next year if HB138 fails. However, the same bill couldn't be reintroduced until the 2023-24 session.

We need as many as people to sign up to take part and be a voice for those serving inhumane and barbaric sentences.

Thank you all



Coming up in New Hampshire is a House Bill (138-FN),that will allow prisoners who are serving a life sentence to be eligible for parole after 25 years!! Pame has LWOP and currently cannot go in front of a parole board.

I would like if you could please email the members of The Criminal Justice and Safety Committee a 2 or 3 sentence statement as to why this Bill is generally important for prisoners who have rehabilitated themselves, etc. Please keep Pame’s name out, for there is a lot of prejudice against her still in NH.  If you are from New Hampshire, consider writing a letter or postcard with postmark of NH. Emails and addresses can be found below by clicking on the link! #FREEPAMSMART



Pamela is a busy woman! Here are some recent events. We will keep you updated on how she is doing and things happening with her. 

Wednesday March 3, 2021

Here is some good news that Pame has to share in her own words from email! Congrats Pame!


"I just found out that Arts of Westchester selected two of my poems to read at an event tomorrow Thurs. 3/4 from 7-8:30. The event is called Sheltering in Stanzas. People from all walks of life submitted poems, so I am honored that mine were selected for the event. The link is"

Here is more information on the Zoom event: 

From Charles Moore..Director of operations. Rehabilitation Though The Arts...

Charles Moore here from RTA, we work with Pam Smart.

Her Poem was selected to be read in a poetry reading. The poem will be read by one of our alumni.

The event is on Thursday, March 4th between 7-8:30, not sure when her poem will be read. Below is the link to the event. Spread the word.

If you have a chance, check this out. She writes a lot of great poetry! 



2/12/2021 7:49:40 PM


Sonia Fortin


Can you believe I moved already?? Yup, I am in 114C-23. It was so beautiful when I went up there, all the girls were AT THE DOOR, so excited for me and happy I was coming. I walked in, fell on my knees and thanked God, and started crying my eyes out. Now I am content but tired. Thanks for sharing my joy. Unbelievable!! Please God let this be the beginning of my greater blessing coming





2/13/2021 8:30:28 PM


Sonia Fortin


After a long and hard fight, I have finally been allowed to move to the Honor Unit. When two men escaped from an upstate NY correctional facility a few years back, the NY Dept. of Corrections made a new rule that inmates serving life without parole (like the two men were) were no longer allowed to move to the honor units, unless they got permission from the facility Superintendent (Warden) and then the Commissioner's Office at the Dept. of Corrections' Central Office in Albany, NY. Everyone serving LWOP who had applied (both male and female inmates) were being categorically denied.
So, for many years, I have been fighting this battle. On Friday, I finally made it through and was moved to 114C-23 on the honor unit. I was so shocked to have finally made it. When I found out, I RAN all the way back to my housing unit and called my Mom. She was thrilled! It felt so great to be able to share some GOOD news with her. I honestly can't even remember the last time I had any good news.
This housing unit is immaculate! I no longer have to suffer through all the lockdowns I've been going through since last April. On this unit, all the cell doors open for everyone at 6 am, and we are allowed to be out on the unit all day and night until 10 pm. That means I can freely use the phone, kiosk, kitchen, showers, etc. whenever I want to. I can also buy a TV for my cell (no cable). I can finally watch the news, or whatever I want to. It feels so good to be in a clean environment, without noise, where the other women are respectful and polite. I am so happy about this move.
Also, my moving here has now opened the door for other inmates serving LWOP sentences, so I am thrilled that they now have an opportunity as well. God is so good. I am truly grateful for this peaceful atmosphere.
I hope and pray that this is the beginning of a season of favor for me, and that my next move will be home with my family and loved ones. I am glad to share this wonderful news with everyone!





2/14/2021 12:17:02 PM


Sonia Fortin


Here are some songs I praise dance to:

Yolanda Adams. Still I Rise. (This is like my theme song - lol)
Open My Heart
I Gotta Believe

Donnie McClurkin. Stand
Great is Your Mercy

Cece Winans. Alabaster Box

Hezekiah Walker. God Favors Me

Marvin Sapp. Here I Am
He Has His Hands on Yo

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